Armor Sets (not to be confused with Equipment) are items that have a chance to drop in any dungeon, though with a much higher droprate chance on bosses. Armor Sets are required to Evolve Cards into a higher quality card. Each evolution stage requires a different Armor Set to be collected.

Note:  These pieces do drop in many other places and this list is currently not exhaustive, however it lists some of the easiest locations where they will drop.

Protector SetEdit

This set evolves 2 star heroes into 3 stars.

Icon Drop Location
Prot helm Howling Cave: Giant Turtle - Serpenton
Prot chest Howling Cave: Giant Serpent - Mutalibus
Prot gloves Death Mine: Westfield - Sailor's Revenge
Prot pants Death Mine: Mr. Punch - Captain Kookie
Prot boots Silverfang: Twin Wolves - Commander

Conqueror SetEdit

This set evolves 2 star heroes into 3 stars.

Icon Drop Location
Conqueror helm Thornfen Kraul: Thornboar Guard - Goolug

Any Temple Dungeon

Conqueror chest Thornfen Kraul: Thornboar Warlock - Sharpside

Any Blackrock Dungeon

Conqueror gloves Scarlet: The Watchdog - Battle of Spells

Any Blackrock Lower Dungeon

Conqueror pants Scarlet: Arcane Mage - Blood Mage

Any Seturmoen Dungeon

Conqueror boots Scarlet: Scarlet Army - Scarlet Guardian

Any Psychic Dungeon

Rare WeaponEdit

This set evolves 3 star characters into 3 star Elite (+).

Icon Drop Location
R weapon 1 (Elite) Howling Cave: Giant Turtle
R weapon 2 (Elite) Howling Cave: Pythean
R weapon 3 (Elite) Howling Cave: Serpenton
R weapon 4 (Elite) Howling Cave: Cobras
R weapon 5 (Elite) Howling Cave: The Immortal

Uncommon TomeEdit

This set evolves 4 star characters into 4 star Elite (+).

Icon Drop Location
Tome 1 sm (Elite) Death Mine: Captain Kookie
Tome 2 sm (Elite) Silverfang: Arugel
Tome 3 sm (Elite) Thornfen Kraul: Sharpside
Tome 4 sm (Elite) Scarlet: Scarlet Commanders
Tome 5 sm (Elite) Scarlet: Scarlet Commanders

Epic JewelryEdit

This set evolves 5 star characters into 5 star Elite (+).

Icon Drop Location
Jewelry 1 (Elite) Temple: Iranicus
Jewelry 2 (Elite) Blackrock: General Surlysmith
Jewelry 3 (Elite) Blackrock: Ambassador
Jewelry 4 (Elite) Blackrock: Princess Rustbeard
Jewelry 5 (Elite) Blackrock: Emperor Thoraim